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Today, MMA artists train in a variety of style that has been proven effective in all phases of combat arts. Our aim is to introduce the teaching of a unique kind of progressive curriculum of techniques that advances the evolution of martial arts, rather teaching curriculum that tries to keep up in Gandhinagar (Gujarat) India. We mix Muai Thai, BJJ and wrestling like a other MMA school, but we don’t stop there, we integrate judo, Sanda/Sanshou, Aikido, Chin-na, boxing, Sambo, wing chun and Jun Fan JKD.

Our goal is to incorporate real world experience into mixed martial arts program that produces a confidant, prepared and individual, ready to defend himself through the disciplined and structured training program, in any type of circumstances.

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+91 98243 48197
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Plot No-863, 2nd Floor, Nr. United Bank of India, Vishvkarma Shopping Center, Sector-21, Gandhinagar, Gujarat - India.
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